Tổng hợp một số lỗi màn hình laptop thường gặp

Laptops have many common screen diseases, such as: the laptop screen has horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, stains, spots, color loss, or dead spots. There are diseases that are caused by improper users, causing errors, or also caused by screen manufacturers.

Laptops have many common screen problems, such as: laptop screen horizontal, vertical, stained, blotchy, discolored, or dead spots. There are diseases that are caused by improper users that create errors, or there are also causes from the production stage screen of firms.

Most of the error symptoms on the screen are fixable, and there are cases where you can simply use… “empty hands”. However, in general, for most cases, you need to bring your laptop to a professional laptop repair center

Some specific cases are:

The screen has vertical and horizontal stripes


Faulty screen panel, specifically due to cable sheath broken or open. In case the cable sheath is broken, you should bring the device to the Professional machine repair unit to replace the cable with a new one. They will proceed to use a press to attach the cable to the display panel. In case the cable sheath is damaged, do the same.

Laptop screen has stripes, horizontal lines

Laptop components Replacement for this case is very difficult to find, because it is necessary to find the correct screen model of the damaged machine. With a cable sheathing machine with little opening, you can use your hands to correct it, but the probability of success is extremely low. Because if you use your bare hands, you will not be able to securely attach the cable to the display panel. If you are lucky enough to overcome it, in the long run, the contact point will also be chipped and the old disease will surely recur.


The most common symptom is a white streak that cuts across or cuts across the screen.

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Screen is stained or dimmed


Because the screen inside the screen is discolored, it no longer displays the correct colors on the front matrix layer. Usually, stained or spotty screens are caused by a poor quality shield inside the screen. Class A, or A- (according to the classification in commercial transactions) laptop screens often experience this symptom after a period of use.

Laptop screen is dirty

In this case, you just need to replace the shield to fix it immediately. If you easily remove and install the laptop screen, you can replace it manually without any modern mechanical help.


The screen has a rather large gray or white stain.

Screen lost color


It may be due to a fault in the socket part, specifically because the cable connecting the screen to the body’s board is loose, or due to oxidation, dust, etc. In addition, the process of opening and closing the lid Folding the screen for a long time will also cause loose cables.

Laptop screen lost color

With this symptom, you can ask the laptop repair company, or fix it yourself by cleaning the two exposed ends of this cable. If the socket is broken, you cannot repair or replace the components yourself, you need to ask a repair company to help you.


The screen turns to a single color, be it blue, yellow,…

Laptop screen is dark and blurry


Due to faulty high-pressure lamp: High-pressure lamp has an extremely important role in providing light for the screen. Therefore, if the laptop screen in use has a dark phenomenon, this is the first reason you should think about. You can also easily recognize symptoms such as the screen flashing continuously or suddenly turning dark.

Because the signal cable (Display Cables) is broken: The task of transmitting the signal from the Mainboard to the high voltage blister is taken by the signal cable. There are three main cable sources for signal transmission: 0V, 3.3V and 5V. If the signal cable is broken in one of the three signal lines above, the high voltage will not have enough power to work. From there, the high-voltage blister has no output voltage to supply the high-voltage lamp. This leads to a dark laptop screen.

Laptop screen is dim

Due to the signal from the mainboard: When the mainboard does not provide enough voltage to the high voltage blister, then the high voltage blister will not work and the high voltage light does not light up, leading to a darkened laptop screen.


The laptop screen in use is suddenly dark or blurred for no apparent reason. Although you have tried to fix it by restarting the machine, it still doesn’t work.

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Laptop screen has dead pixels


The phenomenon of laptop screen with dead pixels may stem from a manufacturer’s error for a new laptop. If after purchasing and notice the above error, please bring the device to the store for a free exchange.

Another reason is that during long use, the screen is gradually degraded and dead spots appear. This is also a common error for computers and laptops that have been used for a long time.


The manifestation of this error is that a single color display point appears on the screen and no other color is displayed. Usually these spots are quite small in size, sometimes you have to look very closely to see this dead spot.

Because the dead pixels on the screen are quite small, it does not cause much trouble and discomfort for you. In fact, it is not possible to remove dead spots on the laptop screen. So if you want a better laptop screen and no dead spots, you should replace the laptop screen with a new one.

The laptop screen is noisy


A noisy laptop screen is one of the common errors that users encounter. This phenomenon not only makes users feel uncomfortable when using it, but it also affects health if used for a long time. Usually, the cause of a noisy laptop screen error usually comes from the following reasons:

Screen interference due to loose display cable: This is one of the common causes. If the cable is damaged, it will easily lead to problems that are difficult to see for the user. If the cable is too loose and flickers, it will lead to the laptop screen being interfered with, very annoying mosquitoes.

Flickering high-voltage blister: This is also a cause of laptop screen interference. Sometimes you will even feel that the screen is dark or mosquito makes it difficult to use.

The laptop screen is noisy

Unstable power: Many people have the habit of charging their laptops while in use, so it is likely that the cause of this situation is an unstable power supply that can also cause the above error.

Video card or video flicker: Weak card will lead to interrupted information transmission, causing screen interference error.


The manifestation of a noisy laptop screen error is quite easy to see with the naked eye. When you are using it, you will see small dots, the screen is noisy, the image is not sharp, causing discomfort to the eyes.

This phenomenon may occur more or less depending on the error level of the screen.

For simple errors stemming from causes such as a loose laptop screen, a flickering high-voltage blister or an unstable power supply, you can completely fix it yourself at home. However, to fix these errors you need experience and technical knowledge to avoid causing a more serious situation. If you are not confident to handle it at home, it is best to bring it to the nearest laptop repair facility for the fastest and most effective repair.

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Laptop screen is jerky, laggy


Due to weak electricity: Weak electricity when in use is one of the causes of laptop shock or lag. If you work with this screen for a long time, it will be very harmful to your eyes and adversely affect your health.

Another cause may be the error of VGA, when your machine works for a long time, it will lead to the laptop screen being jerked continuously and causing slow, frequent lag.


The manifestation of this error is that the laptop screen jerks and vibrates or flashes wildly when you are using it.

The laptop screen glitch can be fixed when you replace the VGA or reset the scan frequency correctly. The scan frequency of a typical laptop will be at 75 Hert. So you can right-click outside the desktop and select Property/Setting / Advanced / Monitor and then reset the frequency back to exactly 75 Hert.

Laptop screen lag

If the cause of the above error is a loose LCD screen cable, you need to remove the laptop and adjust it again. Laptop repair 24h.com recommends that you bring your device to laptop repair facilities for the fastest and most effective support.

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Laptop error blue screen


Blue screen laptop error has become an obsession for many users. You are working, the screen is just a blue color with confusing white characters. There are many causes of blue screen errors, in order to find a timely solution, you should find out and identify the specific cause. However, in general, the error can stem from the following reasons:

Software errors: Errors stemming from application software or device drivers on the system may fail frequently.

Laptop with blue screen

Hardware failure: If a hardware device crashes or is removed from the system while Windows is operating, or your hardware does not fully support the operations required by Windows XP, a blue screen error hardware will appear. Outdated BIOS information on older computers can also be a cause.

Installation error: If there is a problem on your machine related to the hardware configuration or the environment you used to install Windows XP, a BSOD error will appear.

Boot error: This may be the cause of the laptop blue screen error. Faulty system files, hardware or drivers are also the cause of the above error.

Other errors: Some problems in memory or hot processor temperature, physical errors, software errors, … are also the culprits that cause blue screen errors.


The most obvious manifestation is that the laptop screen suddenly turns blue with white text. This is one of the errors that make users extremely worried and also a manifestation of the system being faulty.

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Laptop error does not show up


Adapter failure: Charging failure is a common cause. Because if the charger is faulty, the power supply to the laptop is also lost. You should check by getting a normal working charger suitable for the machine type and use. If the machine works normally again, this is the cause.

Battery failure: One cause you should not ignore is battery failure. Please check by removing the battery from the device and plugging the charger directly into the laptop and then restarting the machine. The battery failure causes sudden electrical pulses on the main that makes the main unable to interact.

Laptop screen does not turn on

Main error: Main error is also one of the reasons why the laptop screen does not turn on. The main error is caused by the bad contact of the power jack, you can fix it by repairing or replacing the power jack.

High-voltage fault: The manifestation of high-voltage fault is very blurred images and text. If you can’t fix it yourself at home, it’s best to bring the device to the repair unit because this repair is quite cheap.

RAM error: To check for RAM errors, you need to remove the back cover of the device and remove the ram to clean, then reattach and use. If the machine works normally again, it may be because the Ram is too dusty. If the screen still does not turn on, take it to a repair facility to have it checked and determined.

VGA chip error: A faulty VGA chip will also lead to the device not showing up on the screen. If the chip is faulty then you need to repair or replace the chip if the VGA chip is dead.


The manifestation of the error of the laptop screen not turning on is when starting the machine but there is no sign from the screen, the machine does not work and the fan does not rotate, the screen does not light up.

Based on the above reasons, each cause will have different solutions. You may need to replace the charger, perform a battery replacement, repair or replace other components if the error occurs and the exact cause is determined. The error of the laptop screen does not come up can determine the cause and check at home, but there are errors that you must go to laptop repair facilities to be checked, advised by technical staff and find a way to repair or replace. accordingly.

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In addition to the above common errors, the screen also has some other but uncommon errors. The laptop screen is an extremely important part, so you should not ignore it every time a small error occurs. If you cannot determine the error, please come to the center immediately Laptop Repair 24h.com for technician support.

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